Project development activities


  • Air
    • Ambient Air sampling & analysis
    • Stack emission measurements
    • Performance guarantee tests for air pollution control
    • Indoor air quality monitoring
    • Workplace environmental monitoring
    • Micrometerology studies
  • Water & waste water sampling and analysis
  • Noise level measurement
  • Soil sampling analysis
  • Socio economic study
  • Flora – fauna study
  • Rehabilitation and Resettlement study
  • Preparation of TOR, EIA/EMP report as per MOEF requirement & obtaining SEIAA / MOEF clearance
  • Filling and filing of consent forms of pollution control boards & obtaining NOC/Consent from State pollution control board
  • AMC for ambient air, stack monitoring, noise measurement, water quality analysis etc
  • Collection of primary & secondary data pertaining to all land use pattern with satellite imagery
  • Computer modeling for fugitive emissions
  • Hydrological studies
  • Wild life conservation plan preparation
  • Interaction / participation in public consultation
  • Presentation of EIA/EMP reports to statutory bodies for obtaining environmental clearances.
  • Liasoning with all concerned personnel in all facets of environmental consultancy culminating in environmental clearance.
  • Design fabrication, supply erection, operation & AMC of air pollution control systems on turnkey basis.
  • Services in Water Treatment Plant


  • Techno economic evaluation study of the deposit using latest assessment technique including computer modeling.
  • Identification of mine lease area
  • Collection of village maps, preparation of combined cadastral map
  • Collection of land schedules, 7/12 record of land rights
  • Assistance in submission of mine lease application with the following enclosures
    • Cadestral map
    • Fees
    • List of survey numbers
    • 7/12 record of land rights
  • Preparation of mine plan as per ministry of coal,IBM requirement
  • Preparation of techno economic report, feasibility report, detailed project report
  • Obtaining environmental clearance form the state pollution control board, ministry of environment & forests
  • Interaction with statutory bodies in mining like IBM, Director of Geology & mining, etc.
  • Identification of potential mining block in India or abroad.


  • Traffic count, origin destination survey for road sector projects
  • Regular environmental studies
  • Pipe line route identification studies for gas pipe line project
  • Land identification studies for infrastructure projects
  • CRZ, environment and other clearances
  • Techno economic evaluation of ore transportation system.
  • Environment audit during construction and operation phase.

Project development activities

  • Site suitability studies & Environmental scenario
  • Project site reconnaissance survey
  • Collection of village maps, land schedules etc
  • Surveying and marking of the project boundary
  • Obtaining various statutory clearances like
    • NOC from pollution control board
    • Civil aviation clearance
    • Ground water clearance
    • Forestry clearance
    • CRZ clearance
    • Ministry of environment & forest clearance
    • Land reforms clearance for holding excess lands


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